Back issues of Question Time columns
By George Skarbek

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Below are the columns that have appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald and the Melbourne Age
Some have appeared at other times in the West Australian.

April 5 Connecting two computers
April 12 No laughing matter
April 19 Many ways to hasten a startup
April 26 Driving around for a USB
May 3 Nominate the programs
May 10 The mystery button
May 17 Balancing size and quality
May 24 Sites for old eyes
May 31 Reducing the size of a newsletter
June 7 Is your A-V program doing its job properly
June 14 Recovering space to store more of those precious memories
June 21 Navigating via the web
June 28 Use Preferences to get Explorer sorted
 July 5  Is your A-V program doing its job properly
 July 12 Try an automated reply to emails
 July 19 Failing to deliver is not really bad news
 July 26 Zip file contains a nasty payload
 Aug 2 Inactive broadband connection can be counter-productive
 Aug 9 Editing videos is using up resources and disk space
 Aug 16 Born again, not porn again
Aug 23 One view fits all? Not a problem if you know what to click
Aug 30 Getting cross over vanishing photos
Sep 6 Task manager may be idle but it's always ready to roll
Sep 13 USB 2.0 upgrade is on the card
Sep 20 Viruses in deleted emails cannot do a Lazarus
Sep 27 Dismantle traps before moving mail
Oct 4 Ride the crest of a .WAV file
Oct 11 How can we stop neighbours stealing our MBs?
Oct 25 Creating a phantom user for maintenance
Nov 1 I need to start from scratch
Nov 8 Bulk renaming beats the tedium of counting
Nov 15 How do I give Messenger the flick?
Nov 22 Smashed trash cuts load
Nov 29 New home for old faithfuls
Dec 06 How can I set my spellchecker to Australian English?